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Flatten Your Curves

Weight Loss Coaching Group
Oct 19 – Dec 11, 2020

Are you tired of the endless search for a diet or set of food rules that will finally work, forever? When we try to adhere to plans and rules, life inevitably gets in the way, creating a cycle of “off” and “on” that fails to build the skills and habits necessary to simply trust our day to day choices. If you’ve struggled with weight loss for too long, are skeptical of finding long term success from fad diets and strict food rules but find them hard to resist out of desperation, and are ready to put time and energy into practicing habits that move you toward the body you want, my coaching group might be the perfect fit.

We’ll spend 8 weeks turning the tiresome diet mentality on it’s head and learning to eat, move, and live better. I’ll provide weekly lessons via email on eating behaviors, mindset, food choices, food buying and cooking skills, movement, and recovery. You’ll practice daily habits tailored to you from a personal, weekly 15-minute phone call and will interact daily via our private Facebook group. There you’ll share your progress, get feedback and questions answered, and support and be supported by others while soaking up all the valuable accountability and camaraderie. Additionally, I’ll provide recipes, food prep ideas, tips, exercises, and workouts via posts and live videos (recorded). Before starting, you’ll complete an intake questionnaire, a 3-day food journal, and be guided through baseline measurements and before pictures (to share later if you choose).

I look forward to leading you toward more energy, vitality, clarity, and confidence, plus a more relaxed and fulfilling relationship with food and exercise and a reduction in those unwanted inches by helping you make slow, sustainable change, even when life is imperfect.

Who: Adults 18-69
Cost: $320 (max 10 participants)

Interest Form: Please complete by Sat, Oct 17 and I’ll be in touch!

4th Annual Holiday Hustle
(NEW! Starts Mon, Dec 2)


December/Holiday Workout Motivation & Accountability
It’s simple! Workout, take a Sweaty Selfie, post in our private Facebook group (within 24 hours of the workout), and fill in a quick Google form daily with exercise mode and number of minutes (link to form will remain at the top of our Facebook group, easy to find and click after posting your last workout that day).

How To Win
Earn the top 4 most minutes overall (per day cap of 210 minutes)

  • 1st place: 17% of the pot
  • 2nd place: 13% of the pot
  • 3rd place: 9% of the pot
  • 4th place: 4% of the pot

Or earn …

  • Most Improved: From the 1st to 2nd half of the month, improve your number of minutes the most and 3% of the pot is yours! (this prize not eligible if in top 4)
  • Most Friends Recruited: Recruit the most friends to this challenge and 3% of the pot is yours! (this prize open to anyone, even top 4)
  • Couch To Slay Winner: Automatically become part of this club by being below a certain secret threshold. Earn the most minutes in this club and 3% of the pot  is yours! (So if you’re behind, keep going! You could end up being a winner!)
  • Slay E’ryday Winner: Take the least days off (stretching counts.. that’s “slaying” too!) and 3% of the pot is yours! Tie? Most minutes wins. (this prize not eligible if in top 4)

while meeting the minimum percentage of each workout type (calculated for you so you can see where you’re at anytime):

  • STEADY: 50% (cardio: walk, run, bike, swim, dance, skate, ski, elliptical, cleaning that gets you warmed up and breathing heavy; 5+ minutes per session to count)
  • INTENSE: 25% (intense cardio intervals (hard to talk!), weight/resistance training, Pilates, Barre, HIIT, Kickboxing, vigorous shoveling/digging/raking that feels anaerobic causing you to stop and rest between efforts at times; even 1 minute counts!)
  • RESTORATIVE: 15% (stretching, yoga, foam rolling; even 1 minute counts!)

Daily Live Foam Roll and Stretching
Follow along every night (minus a few dates TBD) at 8:30pm PST (or later, all videos will remain available in the group) to feel awesome and sleep great after 10-15 minutes of mobility and flexibility (and get some of that 15% of “restorative” movement covered!)

Past Participant Testimonials
Overall Program:
“We love it! It’s super helpful for me in December because I literally just want to curl in a ball and do nothing.”

“Thanks again Melanie for running this contest, hope everyone can keep their momentum going into 2019!”

“Thank you Melanie! This was really fun and I definitely moved more than I would have without the nudge.”

“Great work everyone, thanks again Mel for an awesome challenge!”

“Congratulations to all the winners!! Thank you Mel for organizing this, it was fun and I learned a lot about time management and what works for me exercise-wise. I’m bummed I only lost 1 lb over the course of 1 month, but it’s a start and I’ll keep at it! I’ll also chalk up the not losing weight to the holidays, too many good treats to pass up.”

“I didn’t lose any weight but perhaps gained less with all the chocolates I ate and more importantly, I felt great and had less aches and pains! Exercise is worth it just for itself.”

“My clothes fit a LITTLE better, and my energy level has improved. I appreciate the words, motivating me to the end!”

“I’m feeling slightly less motivated to take the dog on a walk today because it won’t “count” and I won’t have a group of people to feel accountable to.” (day after challenge ended)

“Great competition! Thanks for your hard work!”

Regarding the 3 workout types; steady, intense, restorative:
“I think it worked out being a pretty good idea… I would never have done as much restorative or intense if it wasn’t required and I’m glad I did.”

“Loved the help to keep it varied.”

“I liked the split. It challenged me to think about whole body.”

“Very helpful, otherwise I would probably only do steady.”

Cost and Registration
$45 each
4 ways to pay:
Venmo @melzafit
Apple Pay 707-853-2831
Cash or Check in person
PayPal ($48 to cover their fee)

Hone Your Hustle
Exercise & Nutrition Accountability, Motivation, and Guidance

hone your hustle

We all know exercising and eating more veggies are a couple of the biggest keys to weight management, more energy, less disease, happier mood, and just feeling great. We often get bogged down in the details, thinking we have to wait until we can do everything perfectly to start … raise your hand if you always start diets on Mondays …. but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Spend a month feeling inspired and motivated to consistently workout and get those veggies in and you’ll be amazed at how you feel, how much easier it starts to seem to add these 2 habits to your life, and how it ends up fostering other healthy decisions as well. The connection with others and feedback from a certified exercise and nutrition coach is extremely motivating!

How To Participate

  1. You will be added to our private Facebook group, which will include guidelines and a link to view your standings, all pinned at the top and easy to find.
  2. Post a “sweaty selfie” along with a brief description, including # of minutes, each time you workout (or all at once at the end of each day). No minimum .. moving for even 1 minute counts!
  3. Post a “colorful closeup” along with a brief description each time you eat at least 1 very full handful of veggies

How To Win Half Your $ Back!

WORKOUTS: Average at least 210 minutes/week AND meet the minimum for each of these exercise categories:

  • STEADY @ least 25% (includes any cardio: walk, run, bike, swim, dance, skate, ski, elliptical, cleaning that gets you warm and breathing heavier, etc)
  • INTENSE @ least 25% (includes intense cardio intervals, weight/resistance training, Pilates, Barre, HIIT, Kickboxing, vigorous shoveling/digging/raking, etc)
  • RESTORATIVE @ least 10% (includes stretching, yoga, foam rolling)

My Google Sheet will automatically calculate your percentages so you can see where more is needed to meet the minimums.

VEGGIES: Get veggies along with your meals or snacks (at least 1 very full handful) as often as possible to ensure you meet the minimum average of 2.25 times/day

Facebook LIVE Workouts & Nutrition Coaching
15-20 minute CORE, STRETCH, MYOFASCIAL RELEASE, or HIIT/STRENGTH workouts every Tue, Thu, & Sat @ 9am (excluding Feb 12 & 16) (Videos available after live sessions)

As you post your workout-and-veggie-eating awesome-ness each day, I’ll chime in with coaching tips about why you may have struggled to eat how you wanted or how a certain tweak could help you feel better/even more satisfied, so I’ll encourage you to add tidbits about the emotional/mental side of your eating and workout adventures as well.

$40 (only $10/week!) ($2 off for every friend you recruit who signs up!)
3 ways to pay:
Venmo: @melzafit
Apple Pay: 707-853-2831
PayPal (select friends & family):

Results From The Summer Slim Down (past similar program)
Participants assessed their eating habits and feelings at the beginning and end of the month and found themselves

  • more consistently eating how they desired
  • not feeling hungry as often
  • thinking about food less often
  • having less frequent cravings
  • feeling more skilled in the kitchen
  • having less digestive disturbances

In addition, inches and pounds were lost almost all around!
Waist measurements dropped an average of 2 inches!

One participant also reported feeling “SO MUCH happier & positive now”

3rd Annual Holiday Hustle

holiday hustle 2018 flyer

December Workout Motivation & Accountability!

Simply workout & post a Sweaty Selfie (including a brief description & number of minutes) in our private Facebook group. All your minutes will be tracked on a shared Google Sheet that will remain linked at the top of the group.

How To Win
Earn the top 5 most minutes AND meet the minimum for each of these categories:

  • STEADY @ least 25% (includes any cardio: walk, run, bike, swim, dance, skate, ski, elliptical, cleaning that gets you warm and breathing heavier, etc)
  • INTENSE @ least 25% (includes intense cardio intervals, weight/resistance training, Pilates, Barre, HIIT, Kickboxing, vigorous shoveling/digging/raking, etc)
  • RESTORATIVE @ least 10% (includes stretching, yoga, foam rolling)

The Google Sheet will automatically calculate your percentages as we go so you can always see what you need more of.

1st place: 29% of the pot
2nd place: 21% of the pot
3rd place: 14% of the pot
4th place: 8% of the pot
5th place: 3% of the pot

Also, a MOST IMPROVED PRIZE: one of the weeks (it’s a surprise), someone will win their choice of a yoga mat, resistance band, stretch strap, or foam roller

BONUS: Facebook LIVE Workout Sessions
10-minute STRETCH or HIIT workouts 3/week throughout the program (can be redone non-live as well)
Tue, Thu, & Sat @ 9am PST (the final week will be Wed, Fri, Sun)

3 ways to pay:
Venmo: @melzafit
Apple Pay: 707-853-2831

Fall Food & Fitness Coaching Group 2018

In a supportive, connected group setting, experience confidence, happiness, fulfillment, and motivation while spending 5 weeks on …

  • building consciousness and habits that fit into your everyday life rather than putting real life on hold while you buckle down. This is not a diet!
  • improving energy & digestion, enhancing your mood, enthusiasm for life & finding more clarity, reducing bloating & lethargy, and losing inches and/or weight
  • learning and practicing skills for a lifelong ability to take small actions that keep you thriving and improving your metabolic function.
  • stepping away from the diet roller coaster’s lose, lose, lose situation.. lose weight, lose metabolic function, & lose long term at weight management
  • supporting one another in practicing new weight management skills while celebrating the smallest of victories with a like-minded group
  • reaping the benefits of a coach, always the quickest and most fun way to stay focused on learning new skills

Just as learning a language or an instrument takes instruction and repeated skill practice, so does learning and becoming proficient at weight management. Those who stay trim for the long haul aren’t finding and adhering to magic diets, shakes, and pills. They’re simply spending a lifetime treating food as the pleasurable, medicinal sustenance it is and listening to what their bodies need. It takes practice, but we can all learn these skills. Let’s do this!

Prep Time (Oct 10 – 14):

  • Complete the Eating Behavior Worksheet (online form)
  • Initial Weight, Measurements, and Before Pics (guide provided) * In-person measurements (before & after), including body fat calipers if desired ($20)

Week 1 (Oct 15 – 21):

  • LEARN: The components of a Feel Good Meal
  • PRACTICE: Eating Slowly
  • VIDEO: Stretch To Feel Your Best

Week 2 (Oct 22 – 28):

  • LEARN: Portion estimation using your hands
  • PRACTICE: Eating to satisfaction/80% full (The Hunger Game – online form)
  • VIDEO: Build Strength To Feel Energetic

Week 3 (Oct 29 – Nov 4):

  • LEARN: Why Carbs, Fats, & Proteins Are All Important
  • PRACTICE: Noticing & Rewording Your Thoughts Before & After Eating (Behavior Awareness – online form)
  • VIDEO: A Circus Of Circuits

Week 4 (Nov 5 – 11):

  • LEARN: Tips & Ideas For Food & Fitness Success
  • PRACTICE: better vs. best choices at each meal (All-Or-None – online worksheet)
  • VIDEO: HIIT Fit In 5

Week 5 (Nov 12 – 18):

  • LEARN: Tips & Ideas For Sleep, Recovery, & Stress Reduction
  • PRACTICE: Listing successful habits & choosing a new personal habit (with the help of the coach) for this week (Make It A Habit – online form)
  • VIDEO: ABsolute Back Support

Post Program (Nov 19 – 22):

  • Complete the Eating Behavior Worksheet again for comparison
  • Weight, Measurements, and After Pics
  • Points tallied and cash back rewarded for those who reach 80% or more of total possible points!
    *80% = $20; 90% = $35; 100% = $50; best relative results in weight/ measurements = $30
  • Practice your skills on Thanksgiving Day! Prove you can feel good physically and mentally during a holiday that emphasizes overeating .. enjoy the goodies while still feeling good!

Daily Tasks (Oct 15 – Nov 18)

  1. post once each day to our private Facebook group with:
    • Colorful Closeups (pics of your Feel Good Meals) along with a brief description of what’s included
    • Sweaty Selfies (pics of your gleam & glow after workouts) along with the type and duration of the exercise
    • Optional additional sharing about how you did with sleep, hydration, emotions, thoughts, feelings, etc.
  2. track your daily points (all but the food points which I’ll track for you) on our private shared Google Sheet (link will remain at top of Facebook group).
    • Exercise points: Enter the number of minutes you spent doing intentional exercise in these 3 categories: Intense, Steady, & Restorative (a key will be provided at top of Facebook group)
    • Hydration points: 1 for seeing light yellow to almost clear in the restroom all day, 0 for not
    • Sleep points: 1 for getting 7.5 or more hours of sleep the previous night without looking at a screen in between, 0 for less sleep or screen time interruptions

Sign-Up Deadline: Wednesday, October 10

Cost: $119 (PayPal, Venmo @melzafit, or Apple Pay 707-853-2831)

Summer Slim Down 2018summerslimdown

4 weeks to kickstart weight loss for the summer and for those ready to …

  • get off the diet roller coaster
  • lose weight without stress or feeling deprived
  • get rid of food confusion
  • gain mental & physical confidence

What’s Included?

Nutrition Walk-n-Talks
Guidance, Accountability, & Points
Cash Back
Bonus Exercise Videos
After The Program

Nutrition Walk-n-Talks
Saturdays, Wednesdays, or both for 45-60 min: time TBD by majority availability
(those not available can receive written versions if doing the full program)

Why Diets Don’t Work But Seem Like They Do: Metabolism Explained
You know how trying a new diet drops the pounds off like nobody’s business? Have any in mind that worked wonders for you? But if they work so well, why do they need to be done again? Because you lack motivation and will-power? That couldn’t be more wrong! Your habits, environment, thoughts, and most importantly hormones drive every nuance of how you behave with food. The same cookie will smell much better and seem more appetizing the more hungry you are. It’s not your will-power, it’s literally your hormones making you die for that cookie (cue “giving in”, “feeling guilty”, “falling off your diet”, and “needing to start again on Monday”). That’s the trap of the diet mindset. By slowly building new habits & thoughts, your hormones will begin driving you toward healthy actions instead.

Easy Portion Estimating & Feel Good Meals
Using different parts of your hand to estimate adequate portions of veggies, protein, fat, & grains is super easy! Learn why getting all these components into a meal makes a world of difference in how our bodies can regulate metabolism and therefor weight, not to mention mood, mental sharpness, cravings, and even the desire to move more. It’s an upward spiral that takes time, practice, and patience. There’s no such thing as screwing up and needing to restart. Every decision is a learning process for your life. In the meantime though, it sure will be hard not to lose weight when we put our main focus on getting the good stuff in. “Veggies, GET IN MY BELLY!”

Strategies For Staying Successful
Let’s talk about real, actionable steps you can take to make your environment, mindset, and kitchen skills translate into healthier choices more easily, without it feeling like a chore or a diet. I’ll share plenty of ideas and would also love to hear any successful ideas you’ve found as well!

Guidance, Accountability, & Points

  • Easy guidelines on what to strive for with exercise, nutrition, sleep, and hydration
  • Points toward 100% compliance by posting to private Facebook group or via text
  • Post a Sweaty Selfie each time you exercise & a Colorful Closeup each time you have a “feel good meal”
  • Post if you’ve met your hydration goal for the day and/or slept at least 7.5 hours
  • Percentage toward max points will determine your cash back level
  • Watch your compliance bar grow on the shared Google sheet
  • Occasional treats are ok, even encouraged, and do not reduce your points! This is NOT a diet, it’s real life and you CAN lose weight & increase energy even when you
    indulge in some goodies along the way.

CA$H Prizes – Multiple Winners Possible!
70% compliance = $5
80% compliance = $15
90% compliance = $30
100% compliance = $50
Best Relative Results (% change) = $25
Some consolation prizes along the way… TBD

Bonus Exercise Videos  (10-15 minutes each, no equipment needed!)
2 short videos will be released when the program starts, with beginner & intermediate options, as an extra way to get your move on no matter what!

HIIT Strength Burn
Intervals of cardio and strength to both increase stamina and strengthen joints and muscles for improved energy levels and fat burning.

Release & Restore
Muscles that work hard need to rest hard.Stretch and roll out your muscles to feel rejuvenated, more limber, less achy, and less stressed.


Prep Time (May 6-10)

  • Habit awareness & eating behavior online worksheets
  • Initial weight, measurements, & before pics (guide provided to complete on own)*
  • Schedule the Walk-n-Talks, Receive bonus exercise videos
    * In-person measurements (before & after), including body fat calipers if desired ($20)

Week 1 (May 11-17)

  • Start posting your Colorful Closeups, Sweaty Selfies, and hydration & sleep info
  • FOCUS = eating slowly & noticing your thoughts before & after eating
  • May 12 & 16 Walk-n-Talk: Why Diets Don’t Work But Seem Like They Do: Metabolism Explained

Week 2 (May 18-24)

  • FOCUS = eating to satisfaction & finding whole food sources for cravings
  • May 19 & 23 Walk-n-Talk: Easy Portion Estimating & Feel Good Meals

Week 3 (May 25-31)

  • FOCUS = finding what leads to healthier eating & more movement for you
  • May 26 & 30 Walk-n-Talk: Strategies For Staying Successful

Week 4 (Jun 1-7)

  • Final Week .. feelings of confidence and capability are hopefully taking over, it should be feeling easier to make healthier choices by now
  • FOCUS = continue to practice making better choices instead of only best or nothing

Transitioning Out (Jun 7-8)

  • Weigh, measure, & progress pics (guide provided unless in-person appt scheduled)
  • Winner announcements and cash prize distribution!

Whole Program: $99
All but the Walk-n-Talks: $49
Walk-n-Talks only: $20 each or all 3 for $54
In-Person Weight, Measurements, Pics, & Body Fat: $20
PayPal or Venmo @melzafit to register by Mon, May 7, 11:59 PST

After The Program .. stay motivated and accountable with my new public Facebook group, “Feel Good Meals” (starting Jun 8). Simply continue to share Colorful Closeups of your meals and snacks (and see great ideas and inspiration from others). The continued accountability will help motivate you to slow down, think through all the components of a meal, add it to your colorful, appetizing plate (a big part of overall satisfaction), proudly snap a pic, and enjoy it slowly. Will it always be that perfect? Of course not. When it’s not, you’ll simply focus on fullness cues and remain guilt-free about your choices. The more time spent on these habits, the easier they will become!

Holiday Hustle 2017

2nd holiday hustle flyer

Win $$ for working out! This challenge motivates you to stay moving in December instead of waiting for those short-lived New Year’s Resolutions that rely on will power instead of habit and skill. Practice making exercise a part of your life even when you’re super busy. That skill will carry over and consistency over time is the single most effective way to see results.

To earn points, you’ll simply:

  • Post your “sweaty selfie” to a private Facebook group each time you workout. 8+ minutes count, but only 1 short workout (under 30 minutes) per day). Actual sweat not required though encouraged, but you must at least breathe harder and get heated up from the workout.
  • Indicate whether you included any resistance training or intense intervals (earns a bonus point)
  • A few fun challenges like 100 pushups in a day, 5 total minutes of planking, 100 squats in a day, etc. (NOTE: these can be done at any level (knee or wall pushups, knee planks, etc) and as spread out through the day as you’d like!)
  • 12 instructional exercise videos included (posted to the private Facebook group), showing proper form and technique for different exercises and stretches (especially those in the bonus challenges)

To register, PayPal or Venmo @melzafit by Thur, Nov 30th
COST: $25 ($1 reimbursed per friend you recruit, so spread the word!)

M.E.S.H. Month Challenge 2017

MESHMonth Promo Pic

30 Days: Oct 7 – Nov 5

M.E.S.H. stands for Move, Eat, Sleep, Hydrate. As we focus on these 4 cornerstones of health for 30 days, you’ll hopefully develop some new healthy habits!

  1. Sweaty Selfies: Whenever you workout enough to either glisten, sweat, heat up, or breathe harder, track how many minutes you spent, including stretching time, and snap your Sweaty Selfie to share with the group (via a closed Facebook group you’ll be added to).
  2. Colorful Closeups: Show us those awesome, colorful, healthy veggies! Preparing your whole, visually pleasing, varied plate of food before eating sends signals to your brain that you are about to be fully satisfied. This works wonders over grab and go eating, on your satiety and appetite hormone regulation.VEGGIES count as along as there’s
    • a FULL handful included per meal
    • fat and/or protein in the same meal
    • fruit can be added as long as it’s less than 1/2 your handful (won’t count without being outweighed by the veggies)
  3. Sleepy Snapshots: Take a screen shot of your phone to note the time when your lights are out and again when you wake up. If you got 7.5+ hours of UNINTERRUPTED sleep (no screens in the middle of the night), you earn a point!
  4. HYDRATE: No pics needed here, but keep track of the color of your urine and if it remains light yellow to almost clear, you’ve kept yourself hydrated and will earn a point!
    Finish 3 or more servings/cups of the following and earn another point! Water, Sparkling water without sweeteners (real or artificial, Coffee, Tea, Milks
  5. BONUS POINTS: Whole Grains (2 servings/day), Resistance Training and/or High Intensity Interval Training (at least 8 minutes; or 20+ minutes for additional point)

$30 to join. Paypal or Venmo @melzafit
You’ll answer this survey ( daily to earn your points.
Top 6 will win 63% of the pot (1st: 18%, 2nd: 15%, 3rd: 12%, 4th: 9%, 5th: 6%, 6th: 3%)
(further information about bonus points and other details are listed in the survey)

Holiday Hustle 2016

Holiday Hustle pic flyerThis 1-month incentive program to keep moving during the month of December was immensely motivating! It really helped people see that they could indeed fit in some exercise (as little as 5 minutes counted!) during even the busiest month of the year! Participants simply posted their “sweaty selfie” to our private Facebook group and earned points. The top 5 won money based on a percentage of the total collected. I’ll repeat this fun, motivating program every holiday season!

M.E. Challenge 2017

me-challengeThis 3-month program is designed to build on healthy habits around exercise and nutrition. It started off with simply posting “sweaty selfies” for workouts and “colorful closeups” for eating your veggies/fruits, all to a private Facebook group. As the program moved along, bonus point options were added such as adding whole grains, doing resistance training or high intensity intervals, eating whole grains after workouts, getting longer workouts, and getting at least 1 workout and veggie meal/day. I personally joined in the fun even though I wouldn’t be eligible to win and lost 7 lbs! The accountability and competition to keep up with with the top 6 worked wonders and I actually find myself craving veggies – seriously! – and find that buying, chopping, and using veggies (before they go bad!) to be way less daunting and much more of a habit than before.

Upcoming Challenges, Programs, & Incentives

Walk It Off Nutrition Coaching

This program will be for those starting from the beginning, whether you’ve never paid attention to exercise and nutritious eating or you used to but have gotten farther off course than you wanted. It will consist of a weekly group walk (with your homework being 2 additional walks through the week), slowly adding resistance work into the walks over time, and always stretching at the end. There will also be a step-by-step approach to adding healthy nutrition skills, taught and discussed during the walks, and practiced with check-ins for accountability throughout the week. It’s basically nutrition coaching while you move with additional accountability online between sessions. Though you would need to be local to join the walks, non-locals can still participate, taking equivalent walks on theirs (or better yet, with other locals) and listening to audio of the nutrition coaching discussions.

N.E.A.T. & Eat Feat

M.E.S.H. (Move, Eat, Sleep, Hydrate) Weight Loss Program