Holiday Hustle 2016

Holiday Hustle pic flyerThis 1-month incentive program to keep moving during the month of December was immensely motivating! It really helped people see that they could indeed fit in some exercise (as little as 5 minutes counted!) during even the busiest month of the year! Participants simply posted their “sweaty selfie” to our private Facebook group and earned points. The top 5 won money based on a percentage of the total collected. I’ll repeat this fun, motivating program every holiday season!



M.E. Challenge 2017

me-challengeThis 3-month program is designed to build on healthy habits around exercise and nutrition. It started off with simply posting “sweaty selfies” for workouts and “colorful closeups” for eating your veggies/fruits, all to a private Facebook group. As the program moved along, bonus point options were added such as adding whole grains, doing resistance training or high intensity intervals, eating whole grains after workouts, getting longer workouts, and getting at least 1 workout and veggie meal/day. I personally joined in the fun even though I wouldn’t be eligible to win and lost 7 lbs! The accountability and competition to keep up with with the top 6 worked wonders and I actually find myself craving veggies – seriously! – and find that buying, chopping, and using veggies (before they go bad!) to be way less daunting and much more of a habit than before.

Upcoming Challenges, Programs, & Incentives

Walk It Off Nutrition Coaching

This program will be for those starting from the beginning, whether you’ve never paid attention to exercise and nutritious eating or you used to but have gotten farther off course than you wanted. It will consist of a weekly group walk (with your homework being 2 additional walks through the week), slowly adding resistance work into the walks over time, and always stretching at the end. There will also be a step-by-step approach to adding healthy nutrition skills, taught and discussed during the walks, and practiced with check-ins for accountability throughout the week. It’s basically nutrition coaching while you move with additional accountability online between sessions. Though you would need to be local to join the walks, non-locals can still participate, taking equivalent walks on theirs (or better yet, with other locals) and listening to audio of the nutrition coaching discussions.

N.E.A.T. & Eat Feat

M.E.S.H. (Move, Eat, Sleep, Hydrate) Weight Loss Program