Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching

Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching

All sessions include an intake questionnaire and initial assessment/body composition appointment plus follow-up assessments as needed (6+ weeks between assessments). Locations can include your home, outdoors, or a local gym or facility you have access to. Personal Training sessions include a personalized workout plan adapted to your needs over time.

Nutrition Coaching consists of scheduled weekly check-ins (in person or via phone or face time/google hangout video) as well as either phone calls, texts, or emails as needed in between. Starting with questionnaires about your current diet and lifestyle, I help you find what’s already working and build on those habits and also where we can find a sustainable way to improve habits that aren’t working for you. I’m very much about slowly establishing habits that work with your life because the end goal is to stop having to struggle. A temporary push will yield temporary results and if you’re investing time and money, you want to actually acquire the skills to stay healthy for life. That takes practice and time, just like any other acquired skill. Our bodies, when treated right, are meant to hum along beautifully at the correct weight and composition. As we figure out where your limiting factors are, results will come without feeling like it’s a crazy plan you can’t sustain long term (those wreak havoc on your body’s natural ability to keep a stabilized metabolism). While working with me, any goal you decide to work on with my guidance will be something you’re 90-100% sure you both can and want to do. Anything else won’t last and won’t become a lifelong habit.

60-Minute Training Sessions
Personal: $35 (6-session package $192)
Buddy: $25 each

Nutrition Coaching (All online (phone/video) or with weekly in-person check-ins)
Per Month: $50
12 Months: $500

Training & Nutrition Package
Per Month : $174
8 sessions plus $50/month coaching: $282

To get started with either Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching, or a combination of both, please contact me here, email, or text or call 707-853-2831.