Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching

Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching

Dispel Diet Myths
Eliminate Food Confusion
Be Accountable and Gain Awareness of Habits
Personal Guidance Physically and Mentally
Gain Mental and Physical Confidence
Improve Energy, Mood, Stamina
Lose Weight Without Deprivation

With 6 or more sessions, an intake questionnaire and initial assessment/body composition appointment plus follow-up assessments as needed are included. Location for training can include your home, outdoors, or a local gym or facility you have access to. Personal Training packages of 6+ include a personalized workout plan adapted to your needs over time. Anything less than 6 sessions is also available if you just want a trainer led workout to mix it up, be motivated, see that you’re doing things correctly, or get new ideas. This is also works for buddies and groups. See different rates below.

Nutrition Coaching consists of scheduled weekly check-ins (via email, text, phone, video chat or in person if applicable) as well as either phone calls, texts, or emails as needed in between. Starting with questionnaires about your current eating and exercise habits, I help you slowly improve upon the lifestyle you already lead rather than feed you a new lifestyle that you might be able to buckle down and follow for some short amount of time. Like anything new, you have to practice skills to become more proficient, not simply be handed a blueprint of what to do. The end goal is to stop having to struggle to lose weight, but when a diet is over, you’re left struggling again. This is a different approach where you’ll understand why diets don’t work long term and find a better way. As we figure out where your limiting factors are, results will come without feeling like you have to struggle.

60-Minute Training Sessions

$48 each (6-session package $270)

$28 each for 2, $22 each for 3, $18 each for 4


Nutrition Coaching (weekly check-ins: online, phone, video, or in-person)
Per Month: $75
3 Months: $200

Training & Nutrition Packages
per month w/ a weekly training session (4 total) included: $250

To get started with either Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching, or a combination of both, please contact me here, email, or text or call 707-853-2831.