Nutrition & Fitness Coaching

Food Freedom Nutrition Coaching

  • Dispel Diet Myths
  • Eliminate Food Confusion
  • Gain Awareness and Accountability
  • Trust Your Food Decisions
  • Feel Confident, Content, and Happy in any Food Situation
  • Improve Energy, Mood, and Stamina
  • Lose Weight Without Deprivation

Beginning with a thorough initial assessment of your baseline, current habits, what’s working and not, and your specific goals, we’ll have weekly 60 minute phone sessions (or 2, 30-minute sessions) to lay out powerful thought reframing and small actions that fit into your life to help you focus on each week, slowly building habits and a new mindset around food choices. You’ll have full access to me via text in between phone calls so I can help you navigate food decisions, how your thoughts affect your choices, and how you can make small changes that make a big difference. We’ll focus on what you already do well and build on it, working on doable actions that lead to real skills that help you reach your goals while reframing food moments without diet-like thinking.. learn how to eliminate feelings of guilt and see your food choices as helpful information about what feels good for your body. You’ll feel happier and more content and begin to trust your daily decisions about what, when and how much to eat without needing to follow a plan. This takes skill like anything in life and skills take consistent practice. The accountability and guidance of my coaching gets you there with a combination of education, accountability, and perspective that helps you move at your pace toward an overall healthier lifestyle including nutrition, exercise, sleep, hydration, and stress management. This isn’t quick weight loss, but you’ll be amazed at how much better it feels to lose a little weight so naturally while feeling very content that more will come as you hone your new habits, versus losing a lot of weight fast while feeling uneasy or unhappy about what it would take to sustain it.

$2,000/year (12% discount, save $280) (working on changing your habits for good takes time to practice and 1 year is recommended)

Please email, text, or call with any questions or just to chat about your goals and see if we’d be a good fit. I’m looking to help people succeed and feel awesome, not buy coaching they don’t need, so there’s never any pressure.

Personal or Small Group Training

Fun, motivating workouts tailored to your level, focusing on your muscular imbalances and needs, and helping you reach your goals. Includes a workout plan with pictures to follow on your own that I adapt as you progress. Add individual or group training on to any Food Freedom Nutrition Coaching plan at a 15% discount per training session.

$100 per hour (6-session package $450 – save $30!)
$80 per 3/4 hour

2 people: $55 per hour per person
                   $45 per 3/4 hour per person
3 people: $40 per hour per person
                   $30 per 3/4 hour per person

Small Group Exercise (2+): like a group exercise class, but more focus on proper form, breathing, and tailored to your individual fitness levels.

1 Hour Sessions:
$30 / person for 2
$20 / person for 3
$15 / person for 4
$12 / person for 5
$10 / person for 6+

45-min Sessions:
$25 / person for 2
$17 / person for 3
$13 / person for 4
$10 / person for 5
$8 / person for 6+

To learn more and/or discuss your goals and needs, contact me any time via text, call, or email. I’m here to help and will never pressure.

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