Home ME vs Vacation ME: 7 Ways To Feel Better & Lose Weight

A while back, I polled Facebook friends about weight loss vs weight gain on vacation and the vast majority of responses were maintenance or loss. Every time I go on vacation, I either maintain or lose weight, something I have constantly struggled to do at home. Yet it never fails that I feel I’m overeating onContinue reading “Home ME vs Vacation ME: 7 Ways To Feel Better & Lose Weight”

Carbs … Evil or Superfoods?

It’s a trick question. They’re neither. They’re just one important part of the balance of macronutrients and movement we need for optimal health and metabolism. Too much or too little of anything will have ill effects and getting the whole food version over processed versions will always be superior. But what’s the one thing asideContinue reading “Carbs … Evil or Superfoods?”