Losing weight, eating right, getting fit, toning up, feeling better, gaining confidence, and having more energy. Are these things on your wish list too? The pursuit of health and fitness is plagued with a minefield of confusing and conflicting information. So what is the answer to achieving your best body? It’s different for everyone. We get caught up in looking for THE diet and exercise plan that will FINALLY┬ábe the one, the magic pill. This approach leads us to believe that we can’t achieve better health and fitness unless we fully adopt a plan. A plan that may or may not fit into our lifestyle, bring us enough joy, or overall be worth it to us. It leads us to all or nothing thinking… if we can’t stick with this great plan, we’ll never be fit, trim, and healthy. My goal is to empower people to find manageable,┬ásustainable changes that work with the lives they already lead, to foster positive changes that last. The only true way to stop struggling with weight loss and getting in shape is to make slow, steady changes that become as much a part of your life as brushing your teeth or putting on your shoes. I offer fitness classes, incentive challenges, and nutrition and fitness coaching, both in person and online. I’d love to help you feel awesome!