H.I.I.T. Gets You Fit

You know how cardio machines have thoseĀ pre-programmed workouts to choose from and one is the “fat loss” program at a nice, steady moderate pace? ThatĀ is so backwards, I’m hoping I just haven’t noticed they’ve done away with it by now. I’ve ignored them too long to know. High intensity intervals is the way to burnContinue reading “H.I.I.T. Gets You Fit”


Carbs … Evil or Superfoods?

It’s a trick question. They’re neither. They’re just one important part of the balance of macronutrients and movement we need for optimal health and metabolism. Too much or too little of anything will have ill effects and getting the whole food version over processed versions will always be superior. But what’s the one thing asideContinue reading “Carbs … Evil or Superfoods?”