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Losing weight, eating better, getting fit, toning up, having a spring in your step, reducing aches, gaining confidence, and having more energy. Yes please! The pursuit of health and fitness is plagued with confusing and conflicting information, but under all the controversy, there’s a sensible underlying thread that we tend to skip over while getting bogged down in other details. If we spend the time to refine our thoughts and habits around the basics, the results are amazing, and lifelong. We get caught up in black and white thinking, thanks to the diet industry, and struggle to understand what works for our own bodies. We look externally for diets, plans, and food rules that will keep us on the right path, rather than learning to pay attention to our body’s signals. When we inevitably stop following the diet or plan, because life doesn’t always match up with rigid rules, we think it can only be dinners out with friends OR a diet, but both can exist together. Diets, cleanses, and food rules lead us to believe we’ll only achieve our goals by making a big change. It sure is interesting, then, how we have to keep repeating them … if they were the answer, they’d work the first time!

I’ll guide you through slow, manageable, sustainable change that fits into the life you already lead, with the habits you already have. With diets, there’s an end point, where you’re left without any mental energy (willpower). Truly ingrained habits take no mental energy.. ever drive home without remembering it? .. or mindlessly brush your teeth while thinking about your day? Naturally thin people aren’t magically good at restricting themselves and being “good”. They simply have ingrained habits such as stopping when satisfied & enjoying the lighter, less full feeling, not stressing over what they’re eating by labeling foods good or bad, not rushing through meals out of underlying guilt and denial, naturally balancing heavier and lighter meals based on appetite, savoring every bite, tending toward other de-stressors besides food, not allowing others to influence what, when and how much they eat, and finally, overindulging at times without guilt or worry.

Take the journey of Food Freedom Coaching with me and you’ll find you’re able to trust yourself and feel confident in any food situation. If you slowly work on the mindset shift and make your ingrained habits line up better with what’s right for you, your ideal weight will come more naturally.

I offer Food Freedom Coaching in group cohorts or individually, Personal Fitness Training for individuals, buddies, or small groups, Fitness Classes, and Incentive Challenges. I’d love to help you find what makes you feel AWESOME!

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About Me

I’m a certified Exercise Physiologist (American College of Sports Medicine), Nutrition Coach (Precision Nutrition Level 1, currently working on Level 2), and Dance Fitness Instructor (World of Dance U-Jam Fitness) with a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from UIUC. I’ve managed corporate wellness centers prior to having kids (who are now 15, 12, and 9), provide small group and individual fitness training, teach fitness classes, run online incentive and coaching programs, and individually coach for weight loss and improved health. I’ve been passionate about health and fitness for over 20 years and am always eager to learn and apply more. I’m married with 3 kids and am a breast cancer survivor. I love to dance, hike, bike, ski, skate, stretch, plan, organize, travel and spend time with friends and family. I also enjoy fun adventures and challenges like trapeze, ropes courses, epic hikes and fun endurance events.

When it comes to nutrition, the most compelling thing I’ve found to help me not overeat is stopping and asking myself why, i.e. talk myself through the moments. “Why are you eating so fast right now?” “Why are you obsessively thinking about getting 2nd’s?” When you actually acknowledge what you’re doing “out loud”, you uncover thoughts around food and eating that you never realized were there and that makes a profound difference in your choices (with lots of practice.. all new skills take time).

Join me on the journey to better energy, clarity, confidence, and a more relaxed, fulfilling relationship with food and exercise that leads to a healthy body weight even when life is imperfect.

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