It’s Time To Feel Awesome


4th Annual Holiday Hustle


December/Holiday Workout Motivation & Accountability
Move your bod, take a “Sweaty Selfie”, post in our private Facebook group, and answer a quick survey each night with what you did and for how long (link always at the top of our Facebook group, easy to find after sharing your proud movement moments for the day).

How To Win
Earn the top 4 most minutes overall (per day cap of 210 minutes)

  • 1st place: 17% of the pot
  • 2nd place: 13% of the pot
  • 3rd place: 9% of the pot
  • 4th place: 4% of the pot

Or earn …

  • Most Improved: From the 1st to 2nd half of the month, improve your number of minutes the most and 3% of the pot is yours! (this prize not eligible if in top 4)
  • Most Friends Recruited: Recruit the most friends to this challenge and 3% of the pot is yours! (this prize open to anyone, even top 4)
  • Couch To Slay Winner: Automatically become part of this club by being below a certain secret threshold. Earn the most minutes in this club and 3% of the pot  is yours! (So if you’re behind, keep going! You could end up being a winner!)
  • Slay E’ryday Winner: Take the least days off (stretching counts.. that’s “slaying” too!) and 3% of the pot is yours! Tie? Most minutes wins. (this prize not eligible if in top 4)

while meeting the minimum percentage of each workout type (calculated for you so you can see where you’re at anytime):

  • STEADY: 50% (cardio: walk, run, bike, swim, dance, skate, ski, elliptical, cleaning that gets you warmed up and breathing heavy; 5+ minutes per session to count)
  • INTENSE: 25% (intense cardio intervals (hard to talk!), weight/resistance training, Pilates, Barre, HIIT, Kickboxing, vigorous shoveling/digging/raking that feels anaerobic causing you to stop and rest between efforts at times; even 1 minute counts!)
  • RESTORATIVE: 15% (stretching, yoga, foam rolling; even 1 minute counts!)

Daily Videos: Foam Roll and Stretching
Follow along daily at 8:30pm PST (or later/next day/any time) to feel awesome and sleep great after 10-15 minutes of mobility and flexibility (and get some of your 15% of “restorative” movement covered!)

Past Participant Testimonials
“I love it! It’s super helpful for me in December because I literally just want to curl in a ball and do nothing.”

“Thanks again Melanie for running this contest, hope everyone can keep their momentum going into 2019!”

“Thank you Melanie! This was really fun and I definitely moved more than I would have without the nudge.”

“Great work everyone, thanks again Mel for an awesome challenge!”

“Congratulations to all the winners!! Thank you Mel for organizing this, it was fun and I learned a lot about time management and what works for me exercise-wise. I’m bummed I only lost 1 lb over the course of 1 month, but it’s a start and I’ll keep at it! I’ll also chalk up the not losing weight to the holidays, too many good treats to pass up.”

“I didn’t lose any weight but perhaps gained less with all the chocolates I ate and more importantly, I felt great and had less aches and pains! Exercise is worth it just for itself.”

“My clothes fit a LITTLE better, and my energy level has improved. I appreciate the words, motivating me to the end!”

“I’m feeling slightly less motivated to take the dog on a walk today because it won’t “count” and I won’t have a group of people to feel accountable to.” (day after challenge ended)

“Great competition! Thanks for your hard work!”

Regarding the 3 workout types; steady, intense, restorative:
“I think it worked out being a pretty good idea… I would never have done as much restorative or intense if it wasn’t required and I’m glad I did.”

“Loved the help to keep it varied.”

“I liked the split. It challenged me to think about whole body.”

“Very helpful, otherwise I would probably only do steady.”

Cost and Registration
$45 $40 each
4 ways to pay:
Venmo @melzafit
Apple Pay 707-853-2831
Cash or Check in person
PayPal ($48 to cover their fee)


Losing weight, eating right, getting fit, toning up, feeling better, gaining confidence, and having more energy. Are these things on your wish list too? The pursuit of health and fitness is plagued with a minefield of confusing and conflicting information. So what is the answer to achieving your best body? It’s different for everyone. We get caught up in looking for THE diet and exercise plan that will FINALLY be the one, the magic pill. This approach leads us to believe that we can’t achieve better health and fitness unless we fully adopt “that” plan. A plan that may or may not fit into our lifestyle, bring us enough joy, or overall be worth it to us. It leads us to all or nothing thinking… if we can’t stick with this plan(s), we’ll never be fit, trim, and healthy. My goal is to empower people to find manageable, sustainable changes that work with the lives they already lead, to foster positive changes that last. The only true way to stop struggling with weight loss and getting in shape is to make slow, steady changes that become as much a part of your life as brushing your teeth or putting on your shoes. I offer fitness classes, incentive challenges, and nutrition and fitness coaching, both in person and online. I’d love to help you find and do what makes YOU feel AWESOME!

– Melanie

Who Am I?

I live in the North Bay Area with my husband and 3 kids. My early passion for fitness and nutrition led to a B.S. in Kinesiology (Univ. of IL) and an Exercise Physiologist certification (ACSM) among other specialized certifications (Resist-A-Ball, UJam Fitness) and continued education (weight loss, stretching, nutrition, weight training, etc). Prior to starting a family, I worked as a personal trainer and manager in corporate fitness, helping employees with innovative incentive and wellness programs as well as individual workout plans and motivation.

I currently teach classes in Benicia, CA:
UJam Fitness (hip hop dance fitness)
H.I.I.T. Release (high intensity interval training followed by deep stretching)
Deep Stretch (30 min of pure stretching and some myofascial release from head to toe)

I also run online incentive programs such as the M.E.S.H. (Move, Eat, Sleep, Hydrate) Month Challenge and the annual Holiday Hustle. To enhance my ability and desire to help people make full lifestyle changes for lasting results in their journey to feeling awesome, I am also becoming a certified Level 1 Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition.

My favorite ways to workout include dancing, hiking, kickboxing, rollerblading, swimming, stretching & yoga. I also enjoy fun challenges from time to time such as trapeze lessons, and endurance events like 39- or 87-mile skating events, hiking Half Dome for time, biking tours, and 52- or 94-floor stair climbing events (94 in Chicago, nothing that tall on the west coast!).

When it comes to nutrition, my favorite mantra is “food’s not that important”. Even though food is actually SUPER important, saying that to myself really helps me re-focus when I’m wanting to eat for every reason besides physical hunger.

If you want to make lasting changes, both physically and mentally, you’ve come to the right place. Through my challenges/incentive programs, weight loss programs, personal and buddy exercise & nutrition coaching sessions, and fitness classes, you’ll experience:

  • A supportive environment for all fitness levels
  • A no-diet mentality that helps you practice small daily habits, which build into practices that last a lifetime, so you can end the need to gear up for temporary diets, plans, and programs
  • Accountability: the absolute biggest factor for anyone, even trainers/nutritionists themselves, to be successful long term
  • Proper exercise and stretching techniques to prevent injury and get the most out of your workout time

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